Cristex invest in new Zünd G3 L3200 Cutter

We’ve recently expanded our service portfolio with the arrival of the new Zünd G3 cutter, offering our customers enhanced cut quality and precision.


By investing in the Zünd cutting machine, we can accelerate the production process therefore increasing productivity in the Kitting department. This is due to the intelligent control technology and excellent tooling that makes tailoring the G3 cutting system simple, reliable and expandable.

Running at speeds of up to 1.4 meters per second while offering repeatability within 0.003 mm +/- 0.001mm, the Zünd G3 can keep pace with the growing needs of our various market sectors; Marine, Aerospace, Automotive and Technical Textile.

Cristex’ in-house cutting service can help your business by

  • Saving you time
  • Ensuring high consistency, accuracy and repeatability of cut pieces
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Optimum material usage
  • Full traceability of kits
  • Carbon natural waste disposal



For more information about our cutting and kitting service please contact or visit our service page here.