Cristex partner, SAERTEX® increases their range of Carbon materials through acquisition of TK Industries

In July 2019, SAERTEX® acquired one hundred percent of shares in the Bavarian company TK Industries GmbH, further expanding their range of heavy-tow carbon fibre multiaxial fabrics.

TK Industries is a highly specialized, medium-sized fabric manufacturer based in Selbitz, the district of Hof (Germany). At its production site, the company only processes carbon fibres with the latest multiaxial production technology. The manufacturing technology is optimized for the use of cost-efficient 24k and 50k rovings and according to this, the products manufactured by TK Industries perfectly complement the SAERTEX range of high-quality multiaxial fabrics. Customers can be found in the industrial and transport sectors, especially in boat building and in the automotive industry. Other areas of application include wind energy and infrastructure.

In addition to new opportunities for the SAERTEX Group, there are also advantages for the customers. “The acquisition of TK Industries will provide us with additional capacity in the short term to meet the ever-increasing demand for carbon fibre fabrics and thus enable improved delivery times for our customers,” says Christoph Geyer, CEO SAERTEX Group.

The goal is to grow together and use common resources in purchasing, production and distribution. “We have seen initial successes and are confident that, through the close collaboration, we will further enhance our range of multiaxial carbon fabrics. Our strength lies in spreading heavy tows at low areal weights and processing them into lightweight NCFs,” says Mirko Ackermann, operations manager TK Industries, looking to the future.